The OLE LYNGGAARD COPENHAGEN brand campaign 2015 provides a unique insight into our universe, a place fuelled by passion, dedication and craftsmanship.

Charlotte Lynggaard wanted to create a campaign that evoked feelings and imbued a sense of magic. She has used her main elements of inspiration: women, poetic pastels and rare vintage treasures collected on her many journeys.

Handcrafted jewellery pieces are presented in a young, crisp and poetic universe, with sensual, bohemian and artistic expressions.

Our new muse is Scandinavian and timeless, her porcelain skin allows an almost nude makeup. She is dressed in light silky dresses and kimonos that are Charlotte Lynggaard’s own creations or borrowed from her wardrobe.

Working with the concept of women as muses has been a natural step in our aim to get closer to the product and to emphasize craftsmanship and design excellence.

An expression that appeals to women of all ages.


“With this campaign I wanted to capture the epitome of beauty and femininity.”

Charlotte Lynggaard


Behind the scene - Watch the film here......

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