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OLE LYNGGAARD COPENHAGEN showcases three original pieces of fine jewellery designed by Ole and Charlotte Lynggaard at the special exhibition Silver Tales: Karen Blixen Told in Silver, Diamonds and Pearls.


This October, the renowned museum and well-preserved home of Karen Blixen, Rungstedlund, opens its doors to a spectacular special exhibition: Silver Tales. Karen Blixen told in silver, diamonds and pearls. An exhibition adorning the grounds where the world-renowned Danish author, poet, and storyteller grew up and settled after returning from her astounding travels in Africa.

This year marks the 60th anniversary of Karen Blixen death. OLE LYNGGAARD COPENHAGEN proudly takes part in honouring the remarkable and historic woman, as the marks of the iconic storyteller continues to be a source of admiration and inspiration.

OLE LYNGGAARD COPENHAGEN present the Blixen Bouquet, an eye-catching diamond studded brooch designed by Charlotte Lynggaard, specifically for the Silver Tales exhibition – as well as two original pieces, The Crane and The Elephant, designed by founder, Ole Lynggaard. All three jewellery designs will be showcased at the special exhibition from the beginning of October 2022 until the end of April 2023 at Rungstedlund, north of Copenhagen.


Designer and Creative Director, Charlotte Lynggaard, has been captivated by the life, literary works, and achievements of the wanderlust and significant author for years. And she often visits the grounds of Rungstedlund, immersing herself in the arts and the atmosphere at the historic grounds. Particularly, Karen Blixen’s characteristic flower arrangements has caught the attention of the designer, who is devoted to nature and ornamentation herself. The enchanting flower arrangements of Karen Blixen sparked Charlotte Lynggaard’s creation of the Blixen Bouquet; an eye-catching brooch studded with diamonds and gemstones, designed specifically for the Silver Tales exhibition. The mesmerizing jewellery design is crafted from sterling silver. The lifelike branches, delicate petals and flowers are embellished with 139 brilliant-cut white diamonds, adding up to 1,43 ct., along with 5 white opals and 14 white moonstones.


Travelling in Asia as a young man and newly trained goldsmith in the early 1960s, Ole Lynggaard was thrilled to discover the gracious movements and kind appearance of the elephants. He was instantly smitten with the largest earth-living mammal on the planet, admiring its loyalty, strength, and courage. In 1991, the Lynggaard family went on safari in Tanzania to celebrate the 25th wedding anniversary of Ole and Karin Lynggaard. On this occasion, Ole gifted his wife and muse, Karin, his very first elephant design. Ever since, the brand founder has developed various elephant designs, making the elephant a treasured token of OLE LYNGGAARD COPENHAGEN. At his 80th birthday, in 2016, Ole Lynggaard was proud to introduce his collection of naturalistic elephant pendants.


Slender features, determined movements, and a prominent courtship dance: The crane is a captivating creature. From the moment Ole Lynggaard first saw the fine jewellery potential in cranes, he was mesmerised. For three years, OLE LYNGGAARD COPENHAGEN’s founder studied, sketched, folded, and moulded cranes. Hundreds of hours were spent perfecting the pose and the graceful wings, until Ole Lynggaard was finally ready to send the awe-inspiring bird flying into the world – in the shape of an exquisite collection. This hammered and forged red-crowned crane in silver is the very first one Ole created.



Creative at heart, Charlotte Lynggaard is always seeking new inspiration. As a newly qualified goldsmith, she travelled abroad to pursue her passion for art, design and craftsmanship. With blossoming dreams, she returned to Denmark to join OLE LYNGGAARD COPENHAGEN.

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Brand founder, Ole Lynggaard, was born in 1936. Even as a child, he enjoyed working with his hands and was smitten with sculpting and drawing. Hugely inspired by nature, art and architecture, Ole Lynggaard always knew that he would follow a creative vocation.