An iconic fine jewellery design

The Midnight Tiara


Set with 1,340 brilliant-cut diamonds, 31 specially cut moonstones, and hand engraved details, The Midnight Tiara is a spectacular piece of craftsmanship. The tiara is designed by Charlotte Lynggaard for a grand exhibition at the Amalienborg Palace and is worn exclusively by Her Royal Highness Crown Princess Mary.



The Midnight Tiara is an extraordinary special piece designed by Charlotte Lynggaard for a grand exhibition at the museum of Amalienborg, the royal palace in Copenhagen, in 2009.

Crown Princess Mary has worn The Midnight Tiara for several special occasions. Occasionally with a coordinating brooch and a pair of earrings designed by Charlotte Lynggaard. Most recently, Crown Princess Mary wore The Midnight Tiara along with a custom-made gown also designed by Charlotte Lynggaard, for a 2022 Gala Dinner at the Royal Palace of Oslo.

Throughout the years, The Midnight Tiara has also been put on display at selected exhibitions as well as the OLE LYNGGAARD COPENHAGEN flagship store located in the heart of Copenhagen.


The Midnight Tiara is composed of leaves and slender branches crafted from black oxidized silver, 18 karat rose gold, and 18 karat white gold. The sprouting buds are set with 31 specially cut moon stones in a variety of unique hues and 1,340 brilliant-cut diamonds set in a sparkling diamond pavé.

Interpretating the nuances of nature, The Midnight Tiara is an intricate piece of craftsmanship. Fine grooves are carefully hand engraved into the surface of the gold by master goldsmiths creating a textured and truly unique, satinized finish. More than 300 hours have been put into the creation of the tiara.

Designing The Midnight Tiara, Charlotte Lynggaard was inspired to create a complete collection of fine jewellery with the unique satinized surface, and The Leaves Collection was brought to life. The satinized gold surface has since become a coveted signature feature in OLE LYNGGAARD COPENHAGEN’s fine jewellery collections.


The Leaves Collection is an exclusive range of fine jewellery adorned with a hand engraved satinized surface originating from The Midnight Tiara. Explore exclusive earrings, pendants and rings inspired by the sculptural grace of nature’s foliage.

The Leaves Collection


Aesthetics of nature transformed into everlasting fine jewellery designs crafted from 18 karat gold and diamonds.

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