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Charlotte Lynggaard designs tableware collection


This spring, Svenskt Tenn is launching a brand new tableware collection created by Danish fine jewellery designer, goldsmith and artist, Charlotte Lynggaard. The collection, called The North Sea, comprises two tablecloths, three different napkins, a placemat, two trays and two napkin rings made of pewter.


On May 5, Charlotte Lynggaard’s tableware collection, The North Sea, launched at Svenskt Tenn. The inspiration for the collection comes from nature, which is clearly reflected in all the items. With a great passion for table settings, Charlotte Lynggaard has created napkins, tablecloths and placemats in fine linen, beautiful trays and napkin rings in pewter. Fish is a recurring motif and a personal favourite of Lynggaard’s.

“I have always loved fish as I think they evoke a sense of dreams and wonder. My designs are partly interpretations of the fish that live in the sea in front of our home in Öresund, a place situated between Denmark and Sweden,” says Charlotte Lynggaard.

“Charlotte Lynggaard is one of Scandinavia’s foremost jewellery designers and it is enjoyable that Svenskt Tenn gets to launch her first interior design collection using textiles,” says Thommy Bindefeld, Creative Director for Svenskt Tenn.



Estrid Ericson founded Svenskt Tenn in 1924 and was renowned in her day for creating exciting and unconventional table settings. She broke away from the norm of setting the table with only white linen napkins and a dinner service, to mixing different colours and vases when decorating her tables. Table settings play a central role in Svenskt Tenn’s history and are a part of the company’s heritage. Svenskt Tenn has noted a growing interest in making beautiful table settings, both in Sweden and internationally.

“Inviting people to dinner and setting the table with care and creativity are ways to create wellbeing and enjoyment, which are greatly needed in these times we are living in. Charlotte’s keen interest in table settings makes this a natural and obvious collaboration for us,” says Thommy Bindefeld.

“I am attracted by the idea of what a table setting can do for people – how it brings us together and creates a pleasant atmosphere – and I want to use nature to achieve just that. The four seasons, with their shifting colour and light, have been my main sources of inspiration in this collaboration,” says Charlotte Lynggaard.

The fabrics in The North Sea collection are printed in France on the highest quality Belgian linen.



Dive into unique table setting inspired by nature.

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Charlotte Lynggaard

Creative at heart, Charlotte Lynggaard is always seeking new inspiration. As a newly qualified goldsmith, she travelled abroad to pursue her passion for art, design and craftsmanship. With blossoming dreams, she returned to Denmark to join OLE LYNGGAARD COPENHAGEN. Her first fine jewellery collection was launched in 1994, and since then, she has created a palette of iconic fine jewellery.

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