In 2017, our designers’ lifelong romance with precious stones is expressed through a poetic addition to the vintage colour palette that characterises every precious stone adorning fine jewellery collections from OLE LYNGGAARD COPENHAGEN:


The soft, shimmering appearance of this semi-opaque stone makes it the perfect bohemian match to yellow gold, pearls, diamonds, bone, smoky quarts, red coral – and other moonstones. Walking aesthetically hand in hand with our 2017 ATELIER theme, the seductive hue of blush moonstone has been granted a central position in this year’s most covetable fine jewellery collections.
Feast your eyes on fine jewellery news that will make you blush. All new pieces from OLE LYNGGAARD COPENHAGEN will be available in April 2017.

Visit your local retailer or flagship store – or please contact us to be sure not to miss your favourite blushing beauty.


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