She is an artist who leaves nothing to coincidence and who reserves the right to be particular about every aesthetic detail of the family brand. Smitten with the wonders of nature, Charlotte Lynggaard is all about quality and joy of life.


Intertwining femininity and edgy elegance, Charlotte Lynggaard (b. 1966) creates fine jewellery inspired by nature. All aesthetic collections carry elements of organic and majestic beauty, always expressing joy of life. She is perpetually attentive to the versatile life of women – as reflected in playful pieces which transform into new shapes and sizes with detachable parts and pendants.

Charlotte Lynggaard enjoys the contrasts of different colours of 18K gold and also designs in sterling silver. Her craftsman’s know-how is revealed in intricately detailed pieces and diamond-encrusted statement jewellery. As a natural bohemian, the designer’s lifelong passion for precious stones of exquisite quality is conveyed in most collections. With a breath-taking gemstone palette, she allows her audience to define their own vivid expression – opaque, translucent or glamorously glittering.


Being a trained goldsmith gives Charlotte Lynggaard an invaluable advantage as fine jewellery designer; She knows how every precious material responds to being processed, how it correlates with other materials – and how far she can stretch it to meet her creative ambitions.

First and foremost, she acknowledges that exquisite craftsmanship cannot be rushed. Perfection takes time. As a self-proclaimed and proud perfectionist Charlotte Lynggaard embraces patience and refuses to compromise. She is only too happy to accept that it may take years to complete a design in the manner it was originally envisioned. Time is not of the essence if you are not prone to accept just any nuance, shape or size.


Charlotte Lynggaard considers it a privilege and an enticing responsibility to wear many different creative hats at the family brand. In her youth, she spent time in Paris working with branding of high-end commodity at an advertising agency. She was intrigued to find in-house designers assigned to develop products on behalf of clients. This holistic combination of designing and producing, and subsequently marketing luxurious products under one roof appealed to Charlotte Lynggaard’s many creative outlets. She realised that her father’s brand would give her the opportunity to embrace all the creative areas she was most passionate about. In 1987, Charlotte Lynggaard officially joined the brand as a goldsmith’s apprentice. In 1994, she launched her very first collection – Bees & Flowers. Ole Lynggaard was only too happy to make room for his daughter at the designer’s table. A designer duo was born.

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