The BoHo Collection

The collection is the beginning of an extraordinary new line by Charlotte Lynggaard. Inspiration is found in the Art Nouveau period, the Bohemian lifestyle, and Mother Nature's wonders. The bold and bulky, chic pieces are lavish creations, crafted by hand in our artisan's workshop; individually shaped, set with unique gemstones and precious diamonds, and all mounted in 18k gold.

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    Explore the latest additions to our Fine Jewellery universe and get inspired for new jewellery combinations and looks.

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    charlotte lynggaard

    She is an artist who leaves nothing to coincidence and who reserves the right to be particular about every aesthetic detail of the family brand.

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    LEARN about gemstones

    Coveted collection pieces from OLE LYNGGAARD COPENHAGEN tend to intertwine with our passion for rare gemstones of incredible lustre.

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