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Family traditions

The heart of OLE LYNGGAARD COPENHAGEN is an industrious and loving family devoted to creativity – and to each other. The Lynggaard family are beautiful representatives of the passion, playfulness and quality characterising Scandinavian spirit of life.

Creative Traditions

A heritage brand for almost sixty years, OLE LYNGGAARD COPENHAGEN is run by firm believers in the Danish work-life balance. Creative traditions are passed on from one generation to the next, ensuring that the values defining the brand are always reflected in the jewellery designs.

Passion for life

Passion is a key word in the Lynggaard family. Fine jewellery is all about passion. Sharing this passion and making it fly across nations and continents is at the heart of every undertaking.

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Playfulness to last a lifetime

Playfulness is a prerequisite for passion. Convinced that a piece of fine jewellery always reflects the inspiration and energy that was put into its creation, the Lynggaard family are firm believers in playfulness.

Quality & attentiveness

Quality begins with attentiveness. To the people closest to you. To detail and effort. Setting the highest standards for living and working, three generations of Lynggaards are attentive to the deeper meaning of their business: Fine jewellery symbolise precious, inspiring moments – and are tokens to be passed on from one generation to the next.

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Young at heart

Always remembering to stay young at heart and to live life to the fullest, the family makes time to delve into creative, musical, playful spaces – and to explore the world around them.


All photos of the Lynggaard family members were captured by photographer and long-time family friend, Anders Overgaard on a late summer's day in 2019. Location is the beautiful area Heatherhill north of Copenhagen.