Silver is an element. It is a supple metal that is softer than gold. Silver can be polished to a mirror-like shine. The characteristic lightness of the colour is due to the metal’s very effective light-reflecting properties. OLE LYNGGAARD COPENHAGEN’s fine jewellery is produced in Sterling silver, consisting of 92,5% pure silver and 7.5% other metals, primarily copper. Therefore, all silver pieces are stamped with the hallmark OleL 925. 925s is a guarantee given by the company that the material used is 92,5% Sterling silver. If silver was used without the addition of other materials, the silver would be too soft for jewellery. Furthermore, it would not oxidize.
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Julius ring Sterling silver
Julius ring

Sterling silver

Julius Bangle in Sterling Silver  |  Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen 
Julius bangle

Sterling silver

Signet cufflinks Sterling silver polished
Signet cufflinks

Sterling silver polished

Drop cufflinks Sterling silver
Drop cufflinks

Sterling silver

Life Maroon Men's Bracelet with Sterling Silver Hook Fastening  |  Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen
Life bracelet 3.8 mm

Polished Sterling silver and nylon Maroon theme

Elephant My Littler World Bracelet with Diamond in Sterling Silver   |  Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen
Elephant charm with string

Sterling silver and diamonds 0.005 ct. TW. VS.

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