The Lotus Collection

Charlotte Lynggaard’s lifelong romance with precious stones of rare hues is poetically expressed in her collection of divine flowers exuding femininity and natural grace. Designed to be worn in single splendour or in a bouquet of contrasting tones. Lotus rings are stackable, and earrings are changeable creating a versatile expression. Rings come in five different sizes, from the delicate Lotus 0 to the grand Lotus 4.

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    charlotte lynggaard

    She is an artist who leaves nothing to coincidence and who reserves the right to be particular about every aesthetic detail of the family brand.

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    The BoHo Collection

    The bold and bulky, chic pieces are lavish creations, crafted by hand in our artisan's workshop; individually shaped, set with gemstones and precious diamonds.

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    All collections and special pieces are crafted by a team of 40 goldsmiths working in the brand’s headquarter workshops, and by close partners outside Copenhagen.

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