Time for perfection


Every piece of jewellery from OLE LYNGGAARD COPENHAGEN is designed by father-daughter duo, Ole and Charlotte Lynggaard. Both designers take pride in taking the time necessary to perfect a piece of jewellery. Turning a creative idea into an intricate piece of craftsmanship can be a time-consuming process. Some visions remain a dazzling dream in the creative corners of the designer’s minds for years before reaching their audience.


To find its way into real life from the designer’s initial sketches, a fine jewellery design needs the attention of expert hands. All collections and special pieces are crafted by a team of 40 goldsmiths working in the brand’s headquarter workshops, and by close partners outside Copenhagen. Designers and goldsmiths work symbiotically to bring to life the natural movements of fine jewellery animals and the elaborate details of flowers, leaves and branches. Together, these experts ensure the standards of impeccable artistry.


All fine jewellery designs are crafted from 18K gold or sterling silver. Every precious piece is cast – sometimes from several tiny pieces – and subsequently meticulously assembled and perfected in the brand workshops. With steady hands, master goldsmiths create different types of surfaces: satinised, brushed, hammered or polished. Satinising a precious metal entails carving very fine grooves into the surface, hereby creating a matte bohemian contrast to vivid gemstones. Hammered and brushed surfaces are equally matte, while a polished surface makes a perfect detail and beautifully enhances the sparkle of a glittering diamond.


Colourful precious stones of incredible lustre are vital to Charlotte and Ole Lynggaard’s fine jewellery designs. As trained goldsmiths, both designers know how to handle each type of gemstone – from waxy-soft amber to stone-hard tourmaline. Our high-quality standards naturally entail an on-going search for the most special, natural stones of irresistible tones. Gemstones are carefully reclaimed from caves and mountains or underneath deep blue seas. They may seem alike, but each individual stone is one of a kind, making every single piece of jewellery perfectly unique.

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