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OLE LYNGGAARD COPENHAGEN is proud to introduce a new charity project with charity: water with the purpose to bring clean and safe drinking water for people in need in Africa. Why Water? Water is vital, however a scarce resource in several parts of the developing world. When a community gets access to clean water, it can change close to everything – it is key in reducing poverty in all its dimensions and will thereby increase human health, gender equality, improved education, economic development and welfare for animals. - This is just a beginning for making a difference, and we hope you will support the journey.

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By purchasing the brooch or a keychain, you contribute with 10% to a water project in Africa.

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about the designs

The keychains consists of an "old" new hippo that Ole Lynggaard sculpted in clay with his kids, Charlotte and Søren, at Louisiana Museum of Modern Art, back in 1978 and a charming, new elephant. The golden Elephant brooch is the newest design by Ole Lynggaard - launched in 2021.

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