60 years of devoted love

Ole Lynggaard's forever muse


The heart of OLE LYNGGAARD COPENHAGEN is a passionate family devoted to creativity, craftsmanship and fine jewellery design. Ever since Ole Lynggaard founded the company in 1963, his foremost muse has been the love of his life, Karin. Celebrating the company’s 60th anniversary year, we journey back to the place where it all started.

Ole Lynggaard

It started with a love story

Ole and Karin met in Paris in the early 1960s. He was traveling the world as a newly qualified goldsmith determined to widen his artistic horizon. She was visiting France. Eventually, Karin went back to continue her education in Denmark, while Ole continued his travels around the world. After a while, Ole returned to Denmark – and waiting for him at the airport was Karin. Today, the couple have been married for 57 years and counting – and the family now counts three generations.


It always started with Karin. Ever since Ole Lynggaard started the company, he has created fine jewellery for Karin perpetuating their love story with precious handcrafted designs. Every piece of fine jewellery tells its own story of love and inspiration – oftentimes marking a special milestone.

Over the years, Ole has transformed hundreds of sketches and ideas into everlasting fine jewellery. Some designs are special pieces remaining within the family, others have grown into coveted fine jewellery collections. Every single piece is sparked by love, inspired by nature, and brought to life by passion for extraordinary handcraft and design.


Traveling in Asia as a young man and newly trained goldsmith in the early 1960s, Ole Lynggaard was instantly smitten with the elephant admiring its loyalty, strength, and courage – and its kind, gracious movements. He crafted hundreds of sketches, and over the years, he started interpreting the majestic animal in expressive 18 karat gold designs.

In 1991, as the Lynggaard family went on safari in Tanzania to celebrate Ole and Karin’s 25th wedding anniversary, Ole gifted his wife and muse his very first elephant design. A changeable jewellery clasp crafted by hand. Since then, the brand founder has introduced a family of exclusive elephant designs to the world.

In celebration of their 50th wedding anniversary, Ole crafted the large, iconic gold elephant pendant set with 536 diamonds as a special gift for his wife. The following year, he introduced the five precious elephants to the world – including the diamond-studded elephant he created for Karin. Today, the elephant is an iconic token of the brand and a treasured good luck charm worn by all three Lynggaard generations and people around the world.

Ole Lynggaard

The Elephant Collection

Treasured design

An iconic range of pendants designed by Ole Lynggaard. Tokens of courage, loyalty, and strength, handcrafted from 18 karat gold set with brilliant-cut diamonds.


  • Treasured design
  • Treasured design
  • Treasured design
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