The Shooting Stars Collection

Create your own luck with Charlotte Lynggaard’s delicate Shooting Stars. Can be worn in clusters or shine bright in solitude. Shooting Stars are crafted from 18k gold and embellished with scintillating white diamonds. The collection started with one unique show piece, but grew alongside the growing demand for Charlotte Lynggaard’s delicate diamond-starred jewellery.

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    diamond jewellery

    Conveying a message of unbreakable love, diamond jewellery is a captivating investment, created to last forever and ever.

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    Explore the Love Bands

    Just like true love is a straightforward, but occasionally curvy matter, this versatile collection salutes the art of love in charmingly bent or straight, delicate styles.

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    Charlotte Lynggaard

    She is an artist who leaves nothing to coincidence and who reserves the right to be particular about every aesthetic detail of the family brand.

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