Søren has been part of OLE LYNGGAARD COPENHAGEN since his childhood. Through his upbringing, he helped clean the jewellery workshop after school, build the stands for jewellery fairs, and he visited customers with his father Ole Lynggaard.

Completing the circle

After 6 months on a sheep farm in Australia, and after having completed his military service, four years at a business school in Copenhagen, and employment at DLF TRIFOLIUM, the world's largest grass seed producer, Søren officially joins OLE LYNGGAARD COPENHAGEN in 1994, in a position as Production Manager. At that time, the company employed a total of 20 people. The goal was to build a family-run Scandinavian luxury brand with global recognition. In 2003, Søren took the position as CEO of OLE LYNGGAARD COPENHAGEN.

The family business is run jointly, with Charlotte as Creative Director and Søren, as CEO. Søren sees it as his most important task to help everyone in the company to work in the same direction. As the company grows larger and more employees are added, it is essential that the family spirit that makes the company unique, is cherished.

Today, OLE LYNGGAARD COPENHAGEN is owned by brother and sister, Søren and Charlotte Lynggaard. The company has 160 employees, operates six flagship stores in Copenhagen, Copenhagen Airport, Stockholm, Munich and Sydney and has 200 wholesale partners worldwide.

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