Fine jewellery

The Snakes Collection

Visiting exotic Cairo in the early 1960s, Ole Lynggaard first discovered the overwhelming expression of snake designs. Hypnotized with the graphic beauty of the vibrant vertebrate, the young goldsmith designed his first fine jewellery serpent for his wife and muse, Karin. The idea of a full collection of snake jewellery was to remain in the designer's mind for half a century, before the Snakes Collection was finally unveiled in 2013.

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    ole lynggaard

    Even as a child, he enjoyed working with his hands and was smitten with sculpting and drawing.

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    elephant collection

    Ever since his youth, Ole Lynggaard has been fascinated with the gracious movements of elephants.

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    Turning a creative idea into an intricate piece of craftsmanship can be a time-consuming process.

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