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Precious Momentum

As Purveyor to the Royal Danish Court, OLE LYNGGAARD COPENHAGEN is grateful for the hard-working dedication of relatives outside the immediate family. A colourful tapestry of individual talent is represented in 160 highly specialised employees. These trusted and treasured resources support the family’s vision and share their passion for artisanal excellence.
Ole Lynggaard

About us

OLE LYNGGAARD COPENHAGEN is located in the neighbourhood Hellerup, a short ride north of central Copenhagen – in the same street, where Ole Lynggaard rented his very first workshop in 1963. Today, Charlotte and Ole Lynggaard’s collections are sold with 200 global retailers and in six flagship stores. The brand works strategically with international ambassadors and media partners. A lot has changed since the early days. And then again. The ambition of promoting exquisitely crafted, Danish fine jewellery design remains the exact same.


Our values and constant passion are fundamental to everything we do. Both are reflected in our jewellery design and craftsmanship as well as in our approach to customers, partners and colleagues.


We are passionate about quality, design, craftsmanship and details.


We believe in a fun and in a motivating working environment, respecting the resources, abilities, talents and dedication of each individual.


The ingenious idea and the unforseen emerge from playfulness.


We dare to be different and are on the forefront of innovative ideas and design - and we give our customers a feeling of standing out with style and class.


We strive for uncompromising quality in everything we do.


We strive to be resource-effective in our organisation, production, and daily operations.


We work to create trust in our company culture and in the relation with our employees and business partners.

The sound of us

The video below is a symphony that celebrates the craftsmanship and the people in our company, working every day to design, develop, produce, sell and market our jewellery. Remember to watch with sound - Enjoy.


  • The sound of us
  • The sound of us
  • The sound of us
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