“Diamonds are a girl’s best friend” – from the beginning of time diamonds have fascinated people and have been the subject of extreme desire. Diamonds are formed when 100% natural carbon is subjected to high temperature and pressure deep inside the Earth’s mantle. A diamond takes millions of years to evolve and is thus considered the rarest and most precious of all stones.


The value of a diamond is set according to the 4 C’s. Carat (weight), Colour, Clarity and Cut. The most important factor in bringing out the optimal sparkle and shine is the cut – the only human factor in the equation. At OLE LYNGGAARD COPENHAGEN we carefully ensure that each of our diamonds has been cut to maximise its true beauty.



Diamonds are hard to find, which is why they are so valuable. You need to mine more than 250 tons of material to get one carat of diamond. The diamonds we use at OLE LYNGGAARD COPENHAGEN are not conflict diamonds and come from official and regulated mines in Africa, Australia, Canada and Russia.


Natural diamonds vary in age between 900 million and 3.2 billion years – way before the dinosaurs. The ancient Greeks believed that diamonds were the tears of the gods, while the Romans considered diamonds to be fallen stars.


The three exquisite rings are set with either 25, 80 or 91 beguiling diamonds. The impeccable pavé setting reflects the most sublime craftsmanship that has been developed and refined over the years by the many skilled goldsmiths at OLE LYNGGAARD COPENHAGEN.

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LACE ring

Crafting this particular design requires ultimate precision and considerable strength, especially when embedding the diamonds, where each fraction of a millimetre is essential to the orchestrated design.

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The design of the Love Band requires that each diamond used is identical and cut to perfection, in order to achieve the minimalist and exclusive look of the design.

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Tiny hearts and stars made by the skilled hands of dedicated goldsmiths. Each diamond is delicately set using a technique that allows the diamonds to stand out and reflect the light to unveil their full sparkling potential.

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the KISS Ring

The shape is universally appealing with its soft, undulating movements, where the precision of the positioning of the diamonds is crucial and craftsmanship is challenged to the extreme.

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