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Christmas Traditions


The Holiday season is all about making memories with those that mean the most. Discover some of the Lynggaard family’s cherished traditions and get inspired to create your own December favourites.

Ole Lynggaard

Giftwrap like Charlotte

Holly gift tags

Creating your own Christmas decorations puts a personal spin on the celebrations and sparks the anticipation – and it is a cherished occasion for multiple generations to get creative together. With family and friends, Charlotte Lynggaard often crafts homemade decorations, from gift tags and Christmas cones to wrapping paper and table arrangements.

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Ole Lynggaard

Christmas Cones

A beautifully decorated paper cone in which to tuck away sweets is a Scandinavian Christmas tradition. You can hang the cones on branches, in the windows, or on the Christmas tree. Choose your favourite pattern and decorate them how you like.

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Blue Christmas cone

Red Christmas cone

Ole Lynggaard

Decorate like Ole

Christmas angels

During December, darling angels adorn the house. Creative at heart, Ole has always been handcrafting ornaments and imaginative designs and the Holiday season is no exception. With an artistic touch and meticulous precision, a small paper cutting can turn into the most beautiful Christmas decoration.

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Christmas angels


  1. 1. Start by cutting out the angel’s dress and folding it along the dotes line (A).
  2. 2. Give the dress a cone shape, apply glue to the flap (B) and glue in place.
  3. 3. Cut out the angel’s arms, gently shape them and glue the ends to the dress (C and D).
  4. 4. Cut out the angel’s wings, gently shape them, put a drop of glue on (E) and (F) and glue the wings to the dress.
  5. 5. Cut around the angel’s hair first, then cut out the individual strands of hair. Shape the angel’s head. Lightly bend the strands of hair and glue the angel’s head to the dress at (C) and (D), where the angels’ rams are glue on.

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Bake like Sofia

Orange cake

Christmas is a season of sweets and treats. Every year, the kitchen brings family and friends together for precious moments and tasty traditions. This fresh and delicious cake is a recurring favourite. It requires a bit of work, but it is well worth it. Serve with crème fraiche or Greek yoghurt and maple syrup. Simple and flavory.

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By Charlotte Lynggaard

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