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In the year of OLE LYNGGAARD COPENHAGEN’s 60th anniversary, a new cosmic collection, designed by Charlotte Lynggaard, sees the light of day. The Funky Stars Collection is a range of stellar earrings composed of brilliant-cut diamonds.

Sparkling diamond wonders

Edgy yet glamorously glittering, Funky Stars are standout expressions of expert craftsmanship and cutting-edge design. The Funky Stars stud earrings and earring pendants hold the opportunity to transform into a playful range of exclusive looks. Explore a sky of diamonds designed by Charlotte Lynggaard.


On the cutting edge of design

The Funky Stars Collection is brought to life by new, intricate techniques creating a variety of edgy expressions. Composed by layers of brilliant-cut diamonds mounted in 18 karat gold, Funky Stars embody a multidimensional structure of exceptional sparkle.

Diamonds in carefully selected sizes ranging from 0.5 mm to 3.00 mm in diameter are meticulously arranged in a diamond pavé setting giving rise to the star’s astonishingly sharp features. This stellar composition of large diamonds and small diamonds unleashes intense brilliance and creates a high-end design exuding exclusivity.

At the characteristic, sparkling tips of the star points are the smallest diamonds ever incorporated in the brand’s designs. Like all brilliant-cut diamonds, they are shaped by 57 facets requiring extraordinary artisanal finesse. Because of their unusual size, these tiny diamonds are exceptionally complex to handle and require a special, intricate cutting technique.

Create your own expressions

Funky Stars are designed to be worn in glittering constellations and in combination with pieces and pendants from OLE LYNGGAARD COPENHAGEN’s fine jewellery collections. Choose a stud earring and elevate your look by adding a standout pendant. An endless range of playful combinations await.



A sparkling sky of diamonds. Explore stellar new designs composed of expert craftsmanship.

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Funky Stars can effortlessly transform into a variety of changeable looks. Discover the infinite number of ways to combine stud earrings and earring pendants and create your own range of personal expressions.

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