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Young Fish and Under the Sea captivate the essence of oceanic wonder and playful design. The two new collections, designed by Sofia Lynggaard Normann, are brought to life by innovative craftsmanship and meticulous details.

Sofia draws inspiration from nature and playfully experiments with various expressions, shapes, and techniques during the design process. Every detail is meticulously considered and brought to life through extensive sketches and craftsmanship. Creating Young Fish and Under the Sea has pushed the limits of the craftsman processes and brought new techniques into play. The collections are the result of a close collaboration between designer Sofia Lynggaard Normann and the skilled goldsmiths in OLE LYNGGAARD COPENHAGEN’s artisan workshop. This has resulted in a variety of playful details and unique features that make each piece stand out.

The design is founded on a delicate balance of artistic and technical design decisions, harmonizing comfort and aesthetics. Here, craftsmanship and artisanal finesse are essential. It is all about how the design is worn on the body. To achieve a comfortably light yet full silhouette in the heavy gold material, the Under the Sea bracelets are hollow. This creates an expression characterized by both lightness and strength, mirroring the essence of the sea. The Under the Sea designs are created as endless, organic circuits with structured surfaces, while the Young Fish collection recreates motifs from the ocean in playful designs with quirky details. In the Young Fish ring, the pearl is mounted with a spring making it bounce with a light touch. In the large octopus ring, colourful gemstones dance across the fingers.

Ole Lynggaard
Ole Lynggaard

Handcrafted details give the fine jewellery a unique and lively expression. The Claw pendant features an advanced combination of four different types of surfaces: satinized, brushed, sandblasted, and polished. Flow and direction are very distinct and defined by Sofia.

Ole Lynggaard

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Dive into Sofia Lynggaard Normann’s creative universe and explore a selection of exclusive ocean-inspired fine jewellery.

Under the sea

Rings, bangles, and earrings inspired by the motion of the ocean.


Young fish

Fine jewellery designs of expert craftsmanship and playful details.


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