Our leading fine jewellery designer and creative director craves recreational timeouts with her family like she craves her notebook and homemade banana bread. Read on and learn all about Charlotte Lynggaard’s favorite vacation vibes.

Up-close & personal with Charlotte Lynggaard  


What is vacation to you?

– I am a restless person by nature, and I have a very busy schedule. My vacation is where I practice relaxation, and it is vital for me to be able to completely unwind. It’s where I regain my calm and just let my thoughts flow. I always impose on myself to flat out on a sunbed and read a few books.


What do you do on your vacation?

– As little as possible! I spend a lot of time with my kids and my husband. Our children are young grownups, so it is important to me that we have time to really talk and just be together. We cook a lot – an entire day may be spent planning what’s for dinner. Once the batteries are recharged, I love spontaneous summer dinners a l’italiano with friends – where the meal is super relaxed and young and old just have a great time together.


Where do you go on vacation?

– Well, that changes every year and every season, depending on the family schedule. I absolutely adore the Danish summer, but this summer, we’re going to the South of France to isolate the family a little bit. This coming winter, we are going to Australia to visit our eldest daughter who will be taking a sabbatical there.


What do you bring?

– Apart from my pillow, the obligatory bohemian summer dresses and flat sandals, my notebook is essential anywhere I go. Thoughts, ideas and sketches must be jotted down immediately. That way I can keep them and return to them when the time is right.


Ever tempted to work during your recreational timeout?

– It is both a curse and a blessing that I find it hard to relax. It doesn't take many days of leisure before a myriad of creative ideas knock on my door, and I start contemplating designing, sewing, refurnishing, redecorating, repainting – this or that. I always have a huge list of potential to-dos, and I prioritize getting a few things done when I have some time off.




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